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The WSI Team Takes on Local Search for Albuquerque Reiki Healing

WSI WebEnhancers is currently executing an internet marketing project for Shanti Wellness Therapies in Albuquerque.  Business Owner and Therapist, Martyne Backman was a student in WSI training class where she build her website by herself. By working two hours a week on the website for six weeks, she now has a site that brings new leads every week, because all of her keywords show up on the first page on search engines.

  • Home page was optimized for Reiki Healing Albuquerque.
  • Matrix Energetics applies the principles of quantum physics as a unique and effective approach to healing.
  • Rejuvenizers® are energetically programmed to protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequency
  • Shanti Wellness Therapies also gives Reiki training.
  • They sell Jusuru Life Blend which is an all natural, patented joint and skin health supplement.

All these initiatives will be tracked in Google Analytics and results on the progress of all campaigns including visitors, rankings, reviews and other metrics will be reported to the client.