WSI Team Remodels Local SEO for Home Improvement Business

The WSI Local SEO Team is building results again. We are working with a local Home Improvement Business Sage Homes in the Minneapolis area, to help remodel their Local SEO efforts. In recent weeks we have worked hard to use local SEO to drive visits to their websites. After doing the initial Keyword research, we grouped the keywords into themed areas by choosing base keywords and keywords with common words. Then we used these themes to create on-page optimization for several theme based landing pages. The chosen keywords have over 1,500 searches per month.

The challenge for Sage Homes in Minneapolis, MN is to also show up in the results of the many nearby suburban communities they serve. However Minneapolis is a primary geographic keyword qualifier that searchers are adding to their searches. The master themed keywords we optimized are shown with links below:

Keyword themes

Off Page Optimization

Even after we completed the on-page optimization of these keywords, we were finding many of these keywords beginning to rank on Google. However, once we began the off page optimization, we were able to move more keywords into better positions. We are finding some of these keywords are more competitive than others, but all are beginning to show position gains with the off-page efforts. In addition to some of the normal off page social presences, the home improvement business segment has a particular focus value in using a presence on HOUZZ and Pinterest. Women often are primary decision makers for home remodeling and design choice decisions and Houzz and Pinterest present them with many ideas for remodeling. By populating these social places with completed work photos of choice designs, these photos offer excellent links back to the website. In addition if photos are exceptional and stunning, they are often shared by searchers in these environments. Sharing the photos with embedded links can also create additional traffic for the client, by getting the social community talking about their photos.

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