Customer Profile: San Ramon Real Estate – Villa Properties

San Ramon Real Estate – Villa Properties

Villa Properties San Ramon Real EstateVilla Properties focuses on San Ramon real estate and works to provide the best service possible to their clients as they search for a dream home – or search to sell their home quickly and effectively – while also providing the highest quality service, integrity, and care for a client’s needs.

Villa Properties provides services to clients in and around areas like Bollinger Hills (among others) in San Ramon, California. Communities like Bollinger Hills are top-notch districts in which families desire to move and live, while enjoying community pools, parks, picnic areas, outdoor activities, and great community cohesion that makes it a great place to live.

Led by Mike Continillo, Villa Properties is no stranger to the San Ramon Valley and San Ramon real estate. Mike was born and raised in the San Ramon Valley, meaning he not only is quite familiar with the area and homes here, but he’s also well aware of why it is such an amazing destination for families seeking to move into the area and into the valley.

The real estate markets are currently very strong in San Ramon and around Bollinger Hills, and it is possible to find clients exactly what they want and need, either in purchasing or selling a home. The valley is a central location for a wide variety of pursuits in northern California, and the community is comfortable and friendly enough to attract a great crowd and the right kind of families to make the valley a diverse, safe, and wonderful place to raise children.

Mike is experienced in working real estate deals and brokering home buys in the San Ramon, and he’s excited and hopeful to work with new clients all across the central valley to get you and your family what you need in a new home.

While the real estate bust of the last few years has made it difficult to buy and sell all over the country, San Ramon real estate has seen significant growth in the last year, and Villa Properties has worked hard to position our clients in such a place so as to get the most value out of their home sale – and get the best deal when it comes to buying. The market is now back on the upswing in a significant fashion, leaving homeowners with even better options when it comes to buying and selling in the San Ramon and elsewhere.

All in all, now is the best time to buy and take advantage of a strong real estate market – especially in a destination location like the San Ramon Valley, including Bollinger Hills and other areas. Villa Properties, led by broker Mike Continillo and his team, are in a unique position to help you get what you want out of a new home in the valley, and are prepared to work hard for you to ensure you are fairly and fully represented in the deal!

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