WSI Implements A New SEO Program For A Financial Services Client

WSI Implements A New SEO Program For A Financial Services Client

WSI has recently completed an On Page SEO Optimization Program for Toronto Based Financial Planner John DeGoey of Burgeonvest-Bick Securities Ltd.

John DeGoey, CFP, VP, Associate Portfolio Manager

John DeGoey, CFP is a Toronto Based Financial Advisor for High Net Worth Clients. He is a Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Media Award Winner. He appears regularly on BNN and is frequently quoted in the Globe and Mail and National Post.

His SEO program presented some interesting challenges for WSI as his website is within the corporate website for Burgeonvest-Bick. This unique challenge required a deep linking strategy for the respective pages as well as a respect for the various compliance issues that are part of the financial services landscape in Canada.

The latter was a particularly vexing issue as all content required compliance approval and third party endorsements are virtually impossible to get approved. The latter partially explains the prevalence the massive Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns of the larger players in this arena.

WSI Strategy

Our strategy was simple.

After a lengthy consultation with the client we commenced some deep keyword research and then grouped these keywords together in a process known as semantic mapping. This involves grouping relevant keywords together into clusters of major and minor groups.

These groups are then targeted to specific pages of the website where URL’s are amended and appropriate content is created that is relevant to the search engines.

The main pages are as follows:

Toronto Financial Advisor

Toronto Financial Planner

Retirement Planning

Professional Financial Advisor

We also optimized two other pages of the website that showcase John’s print media appearances and his Video and Television appearances.

The decision was made to showcase his video presentations throughout his site. This strategy along with SEO best practices of tagging his images appropriately have led to several early successes including top positions in Google Images for various targeted keywords. The average visitor duration on his pages increased dramatically after the changes and is now close to 8 minutes per page. In addition, his bounce rate is half the site average.

Off Page Optimization for John DeGoey began in July. This involves the creation of fresh and relevant content with appropriate links on third party websites in order to improve their rank. This sends both direct and indirect traffic to the site. Combine this with local directory listings and the client should continue to see an increase in search traffic.

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