WSI – The Local SEO Expert helping Local Small Business

WSI – The Local SEO Expert helping Local Small Business

WSI has completed an On-Page optimization for Acumi Acupuncture Clinic In Albuquerque, New Mexico. The new clinic, which is run by Dr. Jumisko who is both, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Western Pharmacist, has unique skills in understanding western medicine side effects and being able to adjust her oriental treatments accordingly. They also have high-end electronic micro current device for facial rejuvenation and needless pain treatments.


WSI has now started Off-Page Optimization. The target is to get this site ranking well in all major search engines. Just completing the On-Page optimization, according to WSI best practices, lifted the site to the first page on Ping and Yahoo with most of the selected keywords. Ranking in Google search results with Google’s latest algorithm changes is a bit more challenging and will require additional Off-Page Optimization. Acumi Acupuncture Clinic is lucky to work with WSI, the world leader in Digital Marketing. WSI knows SEO and can quickly test and adapt to continuous changes in Digital Marketing world.

WSI will support the onsite blog with, WordPress, Facebook and other Social Media activities following their new best off-page practices.

WSI has also implemented a pay-per-click campaign for Acumi Acupuncture Clinic. We often recommend parallel paid advertising, SEO and email marketing activities to our customers. WSI always works with the customers to maximize their lead generation with different digital marketing methods.

As a world leader in Internet Marketing with offices in over 80 countries, WSI should be your choice for SEO, pay-per-click, web development, email and social media campaigns. During this year New Mexico WSI has helped a number of different customer from simple websites to calculating satellite temperatures in the orbit.

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