WSI, the worlds largest internet marketing company, announces it has partnered with Control Products Inc.

Control Products Inc. ( is a manufacturer of electromechanical micro switches and hydraulic cylinder position sensor products company based in New Jersey.  CPI designs and manufactures LVDT based Linear Position Sensors, Thermal Switches, and Waterproof Switches. CPI’s products are made in the USA for over 50 years and serve hundreds of Industrial and military companies in thousands of heavy duty field applications.

WSI SEO Services 2

WSI consulted on the design and development of the online marketing program, which resulted in the redesign of structural and cosmetic elements of their existing website, but left the basic site design intact.

Control Products offers a wide range of electromechanical switching and sensor products including

  • Linear Position Sensors for hydraulic cylinders.  This is a non-contacting LVDT sensor technology that is superior to existing rod-type sensors in lifetime, robustness, and performance.
  • Waterproof Momentary Switches – both custom and off the shelf “pendant switch” models
  • Plunger Switches – Completely waterproof and tough as nails.
  • Thermal Switches – Electromechanical thermal switch design up to 1750F.
  • Momentary Switches – Completely waterproof and rated for robust industrial and military applications.
  • LVDT Position Sensors – CPI is a pioneer in the use of LVDT Technology to provide non-contacting linear position sensing solutions for hydraulic cylinder applications.
  • Linear Actuator – CPI provides position sensing equipment for linear actuator designers that are superior to traditional rod-type magnetostrictive sensors in every important way.

WSI has provided advanced SEO services as part of its “Semantic Mapping” approach to on-page SEO.  With this approach a comprehensive study of local product demand is conducted and mapped into a strategic architecture for the company website and all company web properties.  Then SEO analysts create specialized on-page programming, photographic imagery, and highly optimized page content for publication both on the company website, and through syndication channels like Google +, Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr, as well as building a social presence on CPI’s FaceBook page.

By carefully customizing this content strategy through on-page and off-page activities, WSI has achieved amazing results through a highly conservative approach that has proved resistant to changes in Google’s search algorithm’s and even improved client visibility as less reputable SEO approaches cause competitors to disappear from Search Engine Visibility.

WSI’s Elite SEO program is comprehensive.  Through analysis of your Website(s), Social Media usage, Video, and media syndication strategy, we craft a custom program that puts us in the driver’s seat for your online marketing.  We direct either your resources or ours in the creation and syndication of content that produces genuine business results in the shortest possible timeframe.

For further details on WSI’s capabilities and strategies around SEO, SEM, Paid Search, and online marketing opportunities in general, please contact us for a free consultation.

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