The Benefits of Using Procurement Software

For any company, of virtually any size, you know that the purchasing and receiving process for orders and goods can be a nightmare if you don’t manage it properly. That is to say, there is far too much procurement going on to track easily with a home made program or just a simple Excel spreadsheet, before you get lost in the numbers and in turn lose money by failing to track purchasing decisions.

Fortunately, there is procurement software available that allows a company to automate and manage their purchasing and receiving processes with little downtime and very few issues. At Mikrofax, our eBuyerAssist procurement software program fills a critical void for many companies and provides a high quality and critical mission in implementing a procurement system that can benefit your organization and save you money.


Hosted in the cloud and available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the eBuyerAssist program allows you to seamlessly integrate a purchasing and procurement database into your existing accounting systems. Functionality is key with this procurement software, as you might expect, since it needs to work for companies and large and small immediately, from day one.

With that, the software is centered around your ability to take control of it, and it can recognize the unique needs of unique users in different departments, from accounting, to marketing, to infrastructure, and more. No matter how large or complicated your workflow management or CRM infrastructures may be, the Mikrofax procurement software can handle the system with ease.

At Mikrofax, we are proud to present to you a solid and long-lasting track record of success in using our software to make companies’ work easier and simpler. With our procurement software, you can control budgets, audit the approval process, manage purchase orders and tighten various internal purchasing and security controls with ease, all while tracking countless data points and models for future procurement projections.

Whether a large or small company, all types of businesses have benefitted from high quality procurement software. The system will make you realize just how important it is to track purchasing and receiving, and once it’s on your radar, you’ll never think of purchasing and invoicing without it!

Using procurement software allows you to take the human error out of purchasing and receiving. Instead of losing money on bad or overlooked purchasing issues thanks to the human element, our procurement software can work to save you countless dollars, time, and increase efficiency, all while tracking everything and allowing for ideal transparency in your organization.

Don’t wait to look into obtaining procurement software until it’s too late – start now, and find the best course of action for your organization, large or small. Purchasing and receiving are too big of questions in the life of a company to leave them out to the elements of human error. Instead, run through our procurement software and see just how easy and straightforward it can be to track and follow everything that goes on within the organization!

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