WSI Expands SEO Engagement with The Navigators Eagle Lake Camps

With beautiful Colorado Springs as a backdrop, Eagle Lake Camps has offered summer overnight and day camp programs for over 50 years. Run by the Navigators, an international, interdenominational Christian ministry serving in over 100 countries, Eagle Lake Camps is in the process of expanding into other areas of Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska.

WSI has done local SEO for the camps in the past with great success. It was no surprise then that we were engaged to provide local SEO on their new On Location program, offering quality day camps in Denver and the surrounding area.

The new day camp programs are the result of Eagle Lake partnering with local churches to bring the best parts of summer camp to the Denver area. The challenge is to make the Denver area community aware of the new programs and that means an effective web presence is essential.  Keyword research led to the creation of new SEO optimized landing pages on the website focusing on the new camp programs.

Off-page optimization activities for the new camps will include creating Google+ pages for the new camp locations, optimizing high quality directory listings for each location, blogging to Blogspot, WordPress, and Tumblr as well as ongoing social media posts. Monthly reports using Google Analytics and third party programs to track sources of entrance into the site, sources of online registrations, and sources of online requests for more information will provide critical information to the client.

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