WSI Connect develops marketing strategy for Local Glass Installation Company

Since 1979 Dan’s Glass Inc has been providing quality glass repair and installation to local homes and businesses. Residential and commercial glass repair and installation each have their own challenges and Dan’s is fully equipped to handle any glass repair or installation work you may need. Dan’s places a high priority on customer service, high quality work and fair prices. This made them an ideal client for WSI Connect as they share the same values.

Dan’s Glass was in need of a new website. WSI Connect implemented the new and improved site in September 2014. Since then they have added a new webpage and a new blog post each month. Both the posts and pages focus on educating site visitors about glass repair and installation. Having been in business for over 30 years, Dan Mazzoncini and his team have fine-tuned their knowledge and processes over time and want to share with their customers and the public what they’ve learned.

WSI took care to ensure that the new website is responsive, given the high number of people accessing the Internet now on phones and tablets. The responsiveness of the site becomes even more critical with the new changes to Google’s algorithm coming in April 2015.

Here are just a few of the pages that were created to highlight the various services that Dan’s Glass offers:

  • Commercial Glass Installation

  • Professional Commercial Glass Services

  • Commercial Glass Replacement Options

  • Residential Glass

  • Residential Window Replacement

WSI Connect will also be developing and implementing several SEO strategies to help drive traffic to the new website. These efforts include Google+ verification and optimization plus local directory listings on sites like Yahoo and Bing. Additionally, WSI Connect will monitor site traffic using tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Ultimately, strategy goals will be set based on the analyses.

Working with Dan’s Glass, WSI has curated quality content and will monitor the success of pages and posts. Going forward, content will be tailored to meet the needs of customers and prospects alike. A full editorial calendar has been created to help establish Dan’s stronghold in the industry. WSI created a Twitter account for Dan’s to help spread the word even further. Content is shared through the company blog, and Google+.

Both WSI and Dan’s Glass anticipate exponential growth for the Dan’s Glass brand and website traffic.

This post originally appeared on the WSI Connect blog:

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