WSI Adds To Marketing Services For CPR Counseling

For several years, WSI has managed a paid-search advertising campaign for California Psychotherapeutic Resources, Inc. (CPR Counseling). Recently, CPR Counseling requested that WSI launch a search engine optimization campaign to complement the paid-search marketing. As marriage therapists in Westlake Village, CPR Counseling provides a broad range of counseling services for couples who are committed to repairing a broken or troubled relationship.

CPR Counseling was founded by Marriage and Family Therapist Patricia McTague-Loft. Her educational background includes a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in marital and family therapy from California Lutheran University and a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from Biola University.

Ms. Loft specializes in helping couples find happiness in their marriages by offering concrete steps that can be implemented immediately. She helps couples create a vision for their marriage that aligns with their dreams, passions, and life goals.

Ms. Loft is also committed to providing service as a Christian marriage therapist, providing counseling to people for whom their faith is integral to their relationship. Indeed, Patricia has helped countless Christians overcome their life struggles, and her clients have sought help for a wide range of personal issues.

In the months ahead, WSI plans to analyze the effectiveness of the paid-search advertising, and use data from the campaign to increase the value of the search engine optimization effort. In the end, of course, the goal of the entire internet marketing tactics is to attract a targeted audience to the website, people who can truly benefit from CPR Counseling’s professional counseling services, and who will contact CPR to begin the process of healing and repairing their relationships.

Off-page search engine optimization for CPR will begin in June, 2015. This involves creating content with relevant links on various third-party websites to improve their page rank. This activity sends direct as well as indirect traffic to the site. Blogs at WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr as well as local directory listings will be the major focus of this campaign.

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