Navigate Health Insurance Partners with WSI Connect

Walnut Creek, CA: Local insurance company, Navigate Health Insurance partners with WSI Connect to help individuals, families and businesses obtain health coverage. Rod Ford-Smith, owner of Navigate Health Insurance (NHI) is a certified Covered California agent based in Walnut Creek, CA. NHI serves to help simplify the process of applying for health insurance.

There are many insurance agents and brokers to choose from during the open enrollment season, but not all are Covered California-certified.   Covered California is one of the comprehensive programs NHI recommends and offers free assistance and consultation. With varying deadlines and a lengthy application process, NHI hired WSI to increase the company’s online visibility and encourage more people to work with Rod for their health coverage needs.

Initially WSI performed keyword research and a competitive analysis to determine the focus of the new marketing strategy. Terms such as health insurance agent, Covered California certified insurance agent, and independent contractor for health insurance are a few of the popular terms. These terms were used to help create a content calendar. The calendar calls for two blog posts each month and WSI has already published the following titles:

  • The Cost of Not Having Health Insurance
  • How to Find Affordable Health Plans
  • Need Help Applying for Health Coverage?

These blog posts will be used to optimize the Navigate Health Insurance website, as well as, for off-site optimization on sites such as Google+, WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. WSI has created pages for Navigate Health Insurance on all of these sites and will also generate local directory listings on a monthly basis.

WSI is making changes to the existing Navigate Health Insurance website to make it more appealing and useful for its visitors. NHI and WSI also worked diligently on a whitepaper called “Learn to Navigate Covered California” to provide a wealth of information to individuals, families and businesses exploring health coverage options.

WSI is using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to effectively monitor NHI’s web traffic and performance. Consistent traffic analysis will allow WSI to tweak Navigate Health Insurance’s marketing strategy as needed.

With open enrollment currently in full swing, WSI is hoping to help Rod and Navigate Health Insurance increase the number of applicants coming to them for healthcare coverage needs.

WSI Connect - Navigate Health Insurance



This post originally appeared on WSI’s blog at http:// info. wsi-connect .com/blog/wsi-and-navigate-health-insurance-partner.




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