Micromanipulator contrata a WSI para la fase dos de su proyecto de posicionamiento

Micromanipulator The company has a long history of providing the semiconductor industry with the tools and life cycle of their products that they require support. In 1956 Micromanipulator invented the analytical survey and have since evolved into a leader in the industry. The company’s success stems that have listened to their customers and learn from them to continually improve.

In the area of ​​digital marketing, Micromanipulator is partnering with WSI to achieve the leading position in the search engines worldwide. The first phase of the project involved making changes to the contents of the website of the company to position itself for terms such as:






The changes have had a significant impact, increasing the positioning in all areas and around the world. However, the company wants its positions reflect the leadership position they have achieved in the industry, so they have now hired WSI for off-page optimization (off-page optimization).

This effort will focus on the creation and syndication of various types of off-page content. This includes blogs, listings in directories and publications on social media channels, all designed to build links and social signals around the keywords. The blogs will be syndicated to Tumblr , WordPress , Blogger , and Google+ . While these efforts are effective, Micromanipulator expects to see its mark on the top of the search results for all your keywords.

This publication originally appeared on the blog of WSI siguiente: http://www.wsiexpertinternetmarketing.com/our-blog/micromanipulator-engages-wsi-for-phase-two-seo-project

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