WSI Digital Revolution chosen to optimize Veigas Imobiliária SEO and Website Optimization


Veigas Imobiliária, the biggest national real estate in Portugal, partners with WSI Digital Revolution for SEO and Website Optimization.

Veigas has felt the need to promote their services and products through the web and for that they have done their research for partners.

WSI Digital Revolution, provided complete analyses of the market and came up with a Website Optimization and also created a test for 5 main words to be optimized for the Search Engines (SEO).

Website Optimization

WSI started by analyzing the needs of Veigas website and promoted an On-page optimization and created 5 new pages, including the 5 keywords selected after a market study.

The 5 pages created are:

  • Casas Para Venda – Concretize o Seu Sonho;
  • Comprar Casas Com Confiança;
  • Apartamentos Para Alugar – Viva uma Experiência;
  • Casas Para Alugar à Sua Medida;
  • Casas Para Arrendar – Vida Nova


After website optimization and keyword page creation, weekly publishing at Tumblr, Sapo, Blogger and WordPress blogs has been providing an edge for Veigas, and the social media for expansion.

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